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"The house of silence and sacred sod, where nobody speaks to anybody, and everybody speaks to God."    Judge Louis Yarrut

Manresa House of Retreats 


Main Phone Numbers: 1-225-562-3596 or 1-800-782-9431

Director: Tim Murphy

 Since June 1, 2007, Tim Murphy has been serving as
the Director & General Manager by appointment of Rev. Alfred Kammer, S.J.
Provincial of the N.O. Province of the Society of Jesus.


Associate Director

Rev. Anthony Rauschuber, S.J., Jesuit Superior

ext. 280


Associate Director

Fr. Clyde Leblanc, S.J.

ext 300


Associate Director

Fr. Peter Callery, S.J.

ext 320


Associate Director

Fr. Jack Callahan, S.J.

ext 280


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