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The Station of the Cross

The Way of the Cross at Manresa

Opening Prayer

*Asterisk, indicates pause

All: My Lord Jesus, * I believe that when you gave me the gift of faith in baptism, * divine life, your life filled my soul. * I believe that You dwell in me * and I in You * and that in a mysterious but real way * You have made me one with You. * Because You dwell in me, * 'what I do, I do through You * with You and in You.

Thus, Your Way of the Cross two thousand years ago * and this way of the cross * that I am about to make, are joined, are one way. * Our way of the Cross*

Help me, Lord, to bear my small crosses today * as You bore Your great cross, * with love * and a total acceptance of Your Divine Will. Help me walk with You on the Way of the Cross.

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