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March 28, 2000

RE: New Orleans First Friday Mass for the Men of Manresa

Dear Man of Manresa

As a Man of Manresa, I am sure that the Manresa experience has played an important role in your spiritual development and continuing call to conversion. All too often, retreatants have expressed the difficulty of maintaining the spirit of Manresa throughout the year which they experience on their annual pilgrimage to Convent.

In an effort to renew that spirit, a few men have worked to keep Manresa alive with the Recitation of the Rosary and Mass on the First Friday of each month at Immaculate Conception (Jesuits') Church at 130 Baronne Street in the CBD. The Rosary begins at 7:10 a.m. sharp and Mass at 7:30 followed by doughnuts and refreshments.

The early hour is designed to help people get to work on time and take advantage of the ease of parking on the street at that hour in the CBD. This Rosary and Mass has been going for six months now but this is our first opportunity to address all the Men of Manresa in the metropolitan area to encourage them to come to Mass.

You are invited to the Rosary and Mass at each First Friday  to pray. Bring a friend! 

Sincerely Yours,

 Mike Flynn  504-585-3914                      Evans Schmidt 504-522-4756

P.S.- This specific invitation has been made possible through the generosity and support of Fr.Ostini, S.J. and the Jesuit Fathers at Manresa and we thank them!


If you want to be remainder every month about the Mass & Rosary send me an E-mail  

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